January is School Board Appreciation Month and we are very blessed to have a consistent school board that is loaded with common-sense thinking.  


I believe that any person who previously served on the school board in the past or is currently serving on the school board will tell you that there are many more variables involved in a school system than they expected or were aware of prior to becoming a school board member.  That makes the job rewarding, challenging, frustrating, and extremely important.  The five individuals who serve the Wapakoneta City School Board deserve recognition, as they have led the charge in many different areas, including the fact that they want to, first, always serve children, and second, consistently make Wapakoneta City Schools better.  


Our current school board consists of the following: Brent Schwartz, Ron Mertz, Josh Little, Willie Sammetinger, and Patrick Gibson. If you have a moment, please take time to thank a school board member, past and present, in recognition of School Board Appreciation Month. In fact, take time to thank any public official who is agreeing to serve, as all of these positions are complex and thankless.  
Keith Horner, Superintendent


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