In Ohio, and in our nation, we continue to struggle with educational policy. From standards to accountability, from funding to control, we continue to be in a state of constant change. As we reflect on these challenges, one constant seems to stand out. In Ohio, we do not seem to have a common understanding of the purpose of public education. Without this common sense of the purpose or mission of public education, we cannot develop coherent and consistent education policy that is not only in the best interest of children, but also allows for districts to create opportunities that will best meet the needs of their students.

To that end, a group of School Superintendents, representing all Superintendents through our professional organization, have been participating in a process that led to the attached draft of a purpose/vision statement for public education in Ohio.

We are seeking your input on this draft by completing the survey in the link below.  The last question is open ended and I would request that you think about what we may have left out of this list of belief statements as we try to improve education in Ohio.  

Education Belief Survey




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